“Extend your commercial loan to 30 years without annual reviews and re-valuations”

We were approached by a client who currently runs their framing business out of a commercial property they own. As the loan was over $1M with a major bank, the client had to send in financial statements and tax returns every year with a new valuation completed every 3 years. We were able to renegotiate the loan over 30 years with a non-bank lender and assisted the client in reducing the stress and hassle of having to provide paperwork within 30 days of the banks request. If you have this challenge, please contact us to see if we can assist in setting and forgetting your commercial loan over 30 years.

Visa Limitations and How Customer Purchased a Commercial Property

A client  who owned a beauty shop was looking to secure a commercial property where she was running her business. She originally approached a major bank and was declined. During this process, the client was stressed and was close to proceeding with a private lender who charged her fees of  $20,000. We were able to reassess her loan with the same lender in which it was declined and structure the loan in a way whereby it was approved saving her time and stress.  Since then, she has received her PR and we have renegotiated her loan at a better rate for a 15 year term.

Reducing Repayments for a Client Experiencing Hardship

We received a referral for a client who was going through hardship with a major bank. All her facilities were held with the one bank who gave her a credit card, personal loans and a mortgage. Through negotiations with her current bank, we were able to negotiate a home loan using her existing equity to pay down all her unsecured debt in a shorter term whilst paying down her home debt over the normal 30 year term. This reduced her monthly repayments over time and assisted her in coming out of hardship.


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